Rihanna – Stay (She’s Finally #1 B-tch MeLo-X GodMix) FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD + STREAM

Artist: Rihanna
Title:  Stay (She’s Finally #1 B-tch MeLo-X GodMix)
Released:  December 10, 2012
Label:  Galax Recording (representing Melo-X)

Rating: A-

Shout out to Melo-X and Galax Recordings for hooking us up with this incredible remix of Rihanna’s Stay from her new LP, Unapologetic. It’s drums and atmospheric laying really adds depth to this track. We’ve been following this young producer for a while and are impressed with his creative interpretations.  The only knock on this remix is that it is not necessarily our favorite track from the LP, but Melo-X really made us go back to take another listen.  Well done.

Description from Galaxy:

There are no words to really explain the way MeLo-X brings you on a journey with this Rihanna remix. His unique drum patterns, rhythms and cinema esque style taps into a part of your brain that hasn’t been touched before. Prepare your musical palate for this journey.

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