MeLo-X: Inside the Mind of MeLo 2 FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

Artist:  MeLo-X
Title:  Inside the Mind of MeLo
Release Date: March 28, 2012
Produced By: MeLo X
1. The Weeknd Love Triangle
2. The Panties (Slow Down God-Mix)
3. Video Games (MeLo-X Live Remix)
4. White (Gentrification Mix)
5. Crew Love Ft The Weeknd- MeLo X Remix)
6. Bonfire (Lennox God Mix)
7. Cockiness (The Royal Penis is Clean Mix)
8. Marleys Garden (Prod. by MeLo-X)
9. Fire Geomu
10. Gone Baby (Original Version)
11. The Dark Joker
12. Xtra Drop
13. Thunder Bay (Electric Punanny Remix)

Review by

The man behind the critically acclaimed remix EP of Maxwell‘s BLACKsummersnight album, emcee/producer MeLo-X recently released the follow-up to his first compilation. MeLo’s latest offering features a combination of original music he has released this year and remixes of songs from the likes of Drake & The WeekndMara HrubyHudson Mohawke and others. Inside The Mind of MeLo 2, presented by Steve-Ography serves to help introduce new listeners to MeLo-X and his music. In addition to two cuts from his latest album Fewture and his recently released remix of Frank Oceans “White”, the Brooklyn remix wizard shows off his production skills remixing Rihanna‘s “Cockiness”, Lana Del Rey‘s “Video Games” and Chilidsh Gambino‘s “Bonfire” among several other records. Check out two of my personal favorites below and stream/download the free mixtape in its entirety.

Note: Download speeds may vary.  We appreciate your patience.

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