Sky Ferreira – Ghost EP FULL STREAM

Artist: Sky Ferrerira
Title: Ghost EP
Label: Capital Records
Released: October 16, 2012

Since we heard Everything is Embarrassing (see video below), we were hooked and couldn’t stop listening.  This soulful (and beautiful) pop singer is going places and we want to be there.  This EP has many different flavors, some you will recognize, and others you will learn to love.

1. Sad Dream
2. Lost in My Bedroom
3. Ghost
4. Red Lips
5. Everything is Embarrassing

Review by Pitchfork:

Sky Ferreira’s rise has been just short of meteoric: She teamed up with Miike Snow’s Bloodshy & Avant after their brief window of crossover fame at the age of 15 and commissioned a track or so each from professionals like Swedish indie popper Marit Bergman and serial songwriter Ryan Tedder. There was some music shelved and some routine image trouble, but she scrabbled her way back to square two with the help of more professionals: Dev Hynes of Blood Orange and Shirley Manson of recently revived Garbage. Now her protostar is brighter than ever and she’s earned one of the biggest cult hits of the year. On her new EP, Ghost, she’s settled into several mutually exclusive styles of music. It’s official: she’s the year’s next big latent potential.

None of this is entirely fair to Ferreira. It says a lot about both her talent and tenacity that she’s even managed this much of a comeback when every major label and producer has a basement cluttered with the discarded half-debuts and dozens of demos that never even made it that far. It helps that she’s got connections from before and during her industry time, and that they’re easily spun into anecdotes (her mentor, Michael Jackson! Her partner in vodka-bottle scandal, Katy Perry!). It helps that all those singles, hits or not, gave her residual name recognition. It helps that she shows candor about it, on Twitter and to tastemakers. It helps that she’s got her alt-fashion and modeling gigs– ever more necessary as industry demands layer multi-platform experience and brand support on artists like tiered skirts. And it helps most of all that Ferreira’s spent the years since her debut cultivating an impeccable, or at least impeccably marketable, sense of taste. She’s called her upcoming album more of a collection of that taste than a statement of an album. And though she’s spoken elsewhere about how developing artists aren’t encouraged to curate those collections as often as inherit them from someone else’s drawer, everything on Ghost sounds like something Ferreira does genuinely like. Full Review

Listen to each track here:
Sad Dream
Lost in My Bedroom
Red Lips
Everything is Embarrassing

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