Get Down With The Philly Sound presented by Dimitri From Paris FULL DOCUMENTARY

Title: Get Down with the Philly Sound
Producer: Dimitri From Paris
Distributor: BBE Music Production
Released: 2010

We have been fans of Dimitri from Paris for years but just discovered this really impressive look at The Sound of Philadelphia (TSOP) and its influence on modern music. Taking an insider’s approach and talking to those at the center of the movement and take us inside Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia, which was the most influential studios of that time. We really loved this doc and know you will learn something you didn’t know before.

Description from Vimeo:

A film about the creators of Disco and the Philly Sound.
Featuring the Founder of Sigma Sound Studios, Joe Tarsia.
As well as the legendary Earl Young of the infamous Baker, Harris, Young Rhythm Section.
Additional footage of Vincent Montana and Bobbi Eli, Jimmy Williams and Tom Moulton.
Hear the real story about the music that changed Dance and Club Culture.

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