On Point with Tom Ashbrook: “Don Cornelius – The Soul Of Soul Train” Radio Show

We discovered this great hour long radio program which was recorded shortly after the death of Soul Train founder Don Cornelius, who passed away earlier this year.  This is an intriguing discussion and features commentary from soul legends like Aretha Franklin among others who discuss Mr. Cornelius’s impact on popular music.  Great listen.


In October, 1971, something new hit the television screens of America. Chicago host Don Cornelius stepped in front of live cameras and introduced “Soul Train”. If it looked like “American Bandstand,” that was no accident.

But Soul Train put front and center a world Americans had never seen before on a regular national television show. Black artists, black musicians, black dancers, black style, black moves. An exuberant, explosive black pop culture. This week, Don Cornelius died, at his own hand apparently. And we’re looking back.

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