Wild Style (1983) FULL MOVIE

Title: Wild Style
Directed, Produced and Written by: Charlie Ahearn
Starring: Lee Quinones, Sandra Fabara, Patti Astor, Fab 5 Freddy, Cold Crush Brothers, Rock Steady Crew, Grandmaster Flash, Busy Bee, Grandmixer DST
Distributed by: Rhino
Release date: March 18, 1983
Running time: 82 min.

For those of you interested in early hip hop culture, including an emphasis on break dancing and related styles, and even early 80s New York history, this movie is sure to be one not to be missed. This classic is a must see for any serious soulhead! Enjoy!

Summary from imdb.com:

Legendary New York graffiti artist Lee Quinones plays the part of Zoro, the city’s hottest and most elusive graffiti writer. The actual story of the movie concerns the tension between Zoro’s passion for his art and his personal life, particularly his strained relationship with fellow artist Rose. But this isn’t why one watches Wild Style–this movie is *the* classic hip-hop flick, full of great subway shots, breakdancing, freestyle MCing and rare footage of one of the godfathers of hip-hop, Grandmaster Flash, pulling off an awesome scratch-mix set on a pair of ancient turntables. A must-see for anyone interested in hip-hop music and culture.

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