Pump Up The Volume Documentary: The History of House Music

from acidhousehistory.blogspot.com:

Pump Up the Volume tells the story of the social and cultural explosion that was House. From its roots in Chicago, where it rose from the ashes of Disco, House music became the soundtrack to every fashion show, after–show party, premiere, and club opening around the world. Today, House is used by leading mainstream music stars, from Madonna to U2, to break into new markets and to update their sound. In fact, House has influenced more artists than any style since rock ‘n’ roll. Pump Up the Volume follows the story from Chicago and New York to Britain, interviewing key players on both sides of the Atlantic. It also considers the social impact of House—a sound that has transcended class, race, and cultural boundaries to become the soundtrack of modern popular culture.

Pump up the Volume charts the history of House music from its humbles beginnings to worldwide exposure. All the people and characters that made this thing happen are featured in this 3 Part Series…Part 2 Features Wayne Anthony amongst others…

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