Recap: PHZ-Sicks Live in Concert at SOBs in New York, NY on April 16, 2012

On Monday, April 16, hip-hop artist PHZ-Sicks (pronounced “physics”) performed live at well-known music venue SOBs. The performance was part of the venue’s weekly Faces in the Crowd series, which showcases unsigned talent in the hip-hop and R&B genres.

The DMV native performed his single “Success/Failure” off his recent release The Laws of PHZ-Sicks. The song, of course, deals with the dueling natures of success and failure over original instrumentation courtesy of producer Epik Da Dawn. Its accompanying music video is notable for taking the film (500) Days of Summer as its inspiration.

PHZ-Sicks’ performance was, in a word, sick. We mean that in a good way. The crowd at SOBs was seriously feeling the vibe of “Success/Failure,” waving their hands in the air as the MC bounded across the stage, spitting lyrics with effortless ease. Amidst the glut of thugnificent posturing and played out punchline raps, PHZ-Sicks brought a much-needed and appreciated dose of positivity.

At the end of the song, as PHZ-Sicks thanked the New York crowd for being so welcoming over their enthusiastic applause, one thing was abundantly clear. The night firmly belonged on his soon-to-be long list of successes.

Look for our pre-show interview soon.

In case you are not hip to PHZ-Sicks, check this video for Success/Failure which showcases this artist’s message and music.

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