Dave Chappelle’s First Interview in 5 Years – On Getting Booed and Kanye West + More!

Great to see Dave Chappelle back, at least for a second.

From HuffingtonPost.com:

Dave Chappelle dropped in on San Francisco’s Wild 94.9 station to chat with morning DJ JV recently, and he covered a variety of topics, including the supposed “meltdown” set he had in Miami.

If you recall, Chappelle made headlines for a July standup set at a charity event where he refused to tell jokes for roughly 45 minutes. In the blog world, the fact that a vocal chunk of the audience had been both heckling and recording Chappelle from the moment he walked out on stage was played much smaller next to the “Dave Chappelle Meltdown” leads. Hearing him explain the situation in detail in this interview makes two things clear: 1) it’s hard to blame him for turning on that particular audience, and 2) this is a rational, intelligent man who knows his craft.

Beyond the Miami show, Chappelle also talks about living in Ohio, showbusiness as an addiction, and giving Kanye West his first appearance on television.

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