Poor BET Awards Viewer’s Choice Announcer Tiffany Green Confused by Tablet and Teleprompter

Uh, yea, this was certainly awkward.  Today, content winner Tiffany Green, will be looking for a place to hide after last night’s apparent flub of the winner of the BET Viewer’s Choice award.   After winking at her favorite artist, Nicki Minaj, in the audience, she took at look at the tablet computer, which was showing Chris Brown, while the teleprompter read Rihanna.

If you listen to the footage close enough, you can hear someone backstage yell “Get it Straight, Get it Straight”.   In reality, as reported this morning, the mixup was a human error.  Kudos to to BET’s Stephen G. Hill for taking responsibility for the act as reported by the Washington Post here.   As it turned out, Chris Brown was indeed the winner although it was announced on the show that Drake had won.  As it turned out, Drake didn’t win but was actually accepting the prize for Rihanna, who had been announced as the second option read by Green.  Poor thing.  We agree with many of these folks on YouTube.com this morning calling for people to leave her alone.  She did the best she could with conflicting information.  Needless to say, BET will likely return to the conventional paper envelope method next year.

In case you missed the show, here is a nearly minute by minute recap done by the Ledger-Enquirer:

8 p.m. – Mary J. Blige opens the show. Anita Baker makes an appearance on stage. I love you, ladies! Settle for nothing less than real love! (Check out Souhead.com’s previous coverage of the first time these two sang together here.)

8:07 – Host Kevin Hart takes the stage with a pretty intense step routine. His backup dancers? A bunch of cute kids. I’m impressed.

8:10 – Opening monologue from Kevin Hart. “Nobody’s safe tonight,” he says. He’s all about honesty, poking fun at Jamie Foxx for getting in a fight at an Usher concert. He says it’s time for Puffy — er, Diddy, or whatever — to be “grown.” I agree. You get to a certain point in life when you’re only allowed one name.

8:15 – Best Male R&B Artist goes to Chris Brown. I sense some Breezy domination on the horizon. “All my fans are everything to me,” he says.

8:23 – Well hello, Rick Ross. He performs “Aston Martin Music,” and then is joined by Lil Wayne, Ace Hood and DJ Khaled for “Hustle Hard.” I’m not sure it was the best idea for Rick Ross to expose his stomach. It’s a little, um, intense.

8:29 – Malcolm-Jamal Warner has a new show! Woo hoo!

8:30 – Best Young Star is a tie between Jaden and Willow Smith. They kind of HAD to do that, right? In the name of avoiding sibling rivalries?

8:35 – I spy Justin Bieber in the audience.

8:36 – Host Kevin Hart pokes fun at Rick Ross’ bare chest. He says Rick needs a fourth bra. Funny but true.

8:37 – Hart introduces a fake reality show, “The Real Husbands of Hollywood.” Nick Cannon makes an appearance in the pre-filmed clip. I want this show to really happen.

8:40 – Best Female Hip-Hop Artist is Nicki Minaj. Her hair actually looks somewhat normal tonight. I wanted a green wig. “I love my team,” she says. She brings a full entourage on stage with her, including Lil Wayne and Drake.

8:45 – Jill Scott performs “Rolling Hills.” The stage is set up like a really cool jazz club. She has a little dramatic exchange with Idris Elba. I’m loving the whole theater thing.

8:52 – Is there really an “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” movie?

8:54 – Woo hoo! Come on, I know you love “The Five Heartbeats,” too. Great performance.

8:56 – Best Group is Diddy Dirty Money.

8:58 – Tonight’s show will feature some emerging artists. First up: Mali Music, from Savannah, Ga.

9:04 – Chris Brown performs! He starts off with “She Ain’t You.” Um, what’s up with his pants? I get my answer when he removes his first getup — a suit — to perform “Look at Me Now.” The censors stay very busy. Hello, Busta! After that brief interlude, Breezy goes into a major dance sequence. No crying this year, but he definitely knows how to take command of the stage.

9:12 – Best Collaboration is Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes for “Look at Me Now.” Best acceptance line from Chris Brown: “Public speaking is not my strong suit.”

9:18 – Alicia Keys debuts a new song, “Typewriter.” I’m a little leery of the new track, but I’m totally digging the Alicia Keys/Bruno Mars duet to “A Woman’s Worth.” Then Rick Ross is suddenly on stage. Before I can even analyze his random appearance, Alicia Keys busts out some “Fallin.'” I assume I’m not the only one singing along at home.

9:25 – Nicki Minaj represents Team Barbie, Justin Bieber represents Team Bieber. Don’t ask.

9:27 – Best Male Hip-Hop Artist is Kanye West. He couldn’t make it to the show.

9:32 – Time to recognize some everyday heroes. No, Rick Ross is not among the honorees.

9:34 – Time for a performance by Big Sean and…Chris Brown. They sing “My Last.”

9:38 – Another emerging artist: Kimberly Nichole

9:45 – Cherelle and Alexander O’Neal perform “Saturday Love.” Story of my life.

9:48 – Best New Artist is Wiz Khalifa. He thanks all the young people who “promote positivity.”

9:54 – Trey Songz performs “Love Faces.” Hmm. Let’s just say his bare chest looks a lot different from what Rick Ross brought to the stage a little earlier. Then, he goes into “The Usual.” Then, Kelly Rowland sings “Motivation.” She does a great job. Probably my favorite performance of the night so far.

10:01 – Time to thank the U.S. military.

10:02 – Steve Harvey gets a humanitarian award. “Without God, I would be nothing,” he says.

10:12 – Al Sharpton is in the house!

10:14 – Time for some gospel music. Praise the Lord.

10:19 – Best Gospel Album goes to Mary Mary.

10:25 – Patti LaBelle gets the Lifetime Achievement Award. I really, really, really want to hear “New Attitude” right now. Anyone agree? Instead, I get Cee Lo singing “Somebody Loves You Baby.” I’ll take it. Marsha Ambrosius and Shirley Caesar also perform tributes.

10:39 – Patti LaBelle speaks! “Fifty years and I am still counting,” she says. “Thank God that I’m still standing.” She also sings some hits, including “Lady Marmalade.”

10:57 – AWKWARD MOMENT! While presenting the viewers’ choice award, the presenters accidentally announce Chris Brown as the winner for “Look at Me Now.” Um, turns out the real winner is Rihanna/Drake for “What’s My Name?” Wow. Drake accepts the award. Awkward.

10:59 – The annual “in memory” segment includes a performance of “Regulators.” RIP, Nate Dogg.

11:10 – DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne perform “I’m On One.”

11:16 – Beyonce performs! It’s video footage from her concert in England. She sings “Best Thing I Never Had” followed by “End of Time.”

11:26 – Host Kevin Hart clears up the confusion regarding the viewers’ choice award. Turns out Chris Brown is the real winner after all. He also won the fandemonium award.

11:27 – We’re done! Thoughts?

Read more details here.

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