“Prince is Not a Nice Person” Claims Meshell Ndegeocello [FULL ARTICLE]

Prince is Not a Nice Person Claims Meshell Ndegeocello

Prince is Not a Nice Person” Claims Meshell Ndegeocello [FULL ARTICLE]

So says the 46 year old singer-songwriter, and mother of beautiful music. Meshell Ndegeocello is indeed one of the most talented and capable artists of this day and age, and has been building on her craft in a career that spans the better part of three decades. Having just released her latest album Comet, Come to Me earlier this summer, Ndegeocello is on a bit of a campaign, promoting her work but also supporting authenticity. Check out the article from FactMag below.

Spoiler alert: Calm down Purple Subjects, Meshell still respects the musicality of his Purple Majesty

“Prince is Not a Nice Person” Claims Meshell Ndegeocello

Meshell Ndegéocello’s 11th album Comet, Come To Me is the latest instalment of one of the most distinguished and uncategorisable careers of our time.

It started out in the mid ’90s as a bassist for Madonna and has gone on to encompass rap, soul, jazz, blues and rock – though always from a sideways angle, with Ndegéocello’s distinct husk, opaque and patient songwriting and mastery of mood providing a constant thread. Her sense of calm is comparable to that of another artist whose longevity has revealed her as a unique and unapproachable auteur, SadeComet, Come To Me, though, finds her in an altogether lighter mood.

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