50 Cent Got a Jherri Curl

Call it what you want, ‘Jherri’, ‘S’, ‘Juicy’, but looking at the recent photos on NicoleBitchie.com, it looks like the G-Unit head honcho, 50 Cent, is taking it retro with his ‘new’ look from way back.  Whowouldathunkit?  50 Cent has a Jherri Curl!  The soaked headed look from the 80’s makes a triumphant (not) return!  Big up to the Axel F Facebook group who will be quite happy to know that the legacy continues.  If this aspect of the past returns, we may not be that happy but the paper towel manufacturer’s will surely be happy.  He joins such legends as Easy E, Kurtis Blow and of course, Full Force, as purveyors of the greasy locks.

Full story here.

Here are of our other favorite curls from the past:

Kurtis Blow:

Kurtis Blow CurlFull Force:

Full Force Curl

Eazy E:

Eazy E Curl

and who could ever forget this classic from the 80’s classic comedy Coming to America with Eddie Murphy:

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