Soulful Pitch: The Traveler’s Cute Little Doggy Soulfully Delivers


Although this commercial, “Prized Possession” premiered a while ago, we couldn’t help explore it a bit more.  As it turns out, the song, Trouble, is sung by Ray LaMontagne.   In this spot from Travelers,  we follow along as a cute and worried dog searches for, and ultimately finds, the smartest way to protect his most prized possession.

According to Wikipedia, “Raymond Charles “Ray” LaMontagne (born June 18, 1973) is an American singer-songwriter. Reportedly, after hearing a Stephen Stills song, LaMontagne decided to quit his job and pursue a career in music. He has since released four studio albums,Trouble, Till The Sun Turns Black, Gossip in the Grain and God Willin’ and The Creek Don’t Rise. In the UK, Trouble was a top 5 hit, and the the title track of the album was a top 25 hit. Till the Sun Turns Black was a top 40 hit in the U.S. A soft-spoken person who is known for his raspy voice, LaMontagne has won a number of awards for his music and has performed at several charity events.”

This is definitely one of the more soulful commercials we have seen in quite a while.  The combination of the lyrics and the dog’s acting ability really sells the premise of the spot.  Until hearing this song, we were unaware of the song very happy that someone hip and soulful was working at Traveler’s insurance’s ad agency.  Well done!

Listen to the full song and let us know what you think below:

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