WATCH Halle Berry Body James Corden on the Method Man Hosted “Drop The Mic”

Halle Berry and James Corden Battle on Drop the Mic

For the past several years, fans have been down right in love with late night’s James Corden. His carpool karaoke’s with everyone from Sia and Adele to the Red Hot Chili Peppers is the stuff of legends. Not only is he funny, but he can actually carry a tune. He was recently on a new show on TBS called “Drop The Mic,” which features celebrities battling each other over beat boxed grooves. Hosted by Cliff Smith AKA Method Man from the legendary hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan, the show is a ton of fun and has been receiving a lot of word-of-mouth promotion as of late.

On the most recent episode, Corden challenges the beautiful Oscar winner Halle Berry to a showdown. With cutting rhymes detailing everything from her ex-husbands to several of her less than stellar movies (e.g. Catwoman), he tries to take her down and out. What he isn’t ready for are Berry’s biting clap backs. Switching styles mid-flow at one point, the former Bond girl takes aim at Corden’s manhood on a several occasions and generally kicks his butt lyrically on a variety of topics. At one point, she proclaims “I have an Oscar so suck my Monster Balls!” DAYUM SON! We are not sure if she had a ghost writer or if this was pre-rehearsed but she really held her own.

It was super fun to watch and we know you will dig it too. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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