Hunting for Prince’s Secret Vault – BBC News Documentary [VIDEO PREVIEW]


Anyone who loves Prince or is even remotely interested has heard about the Vault.  This is an amazing journey into the search for the Vault and we commend BBC News for making this happen.  Thoroughly enjoying.  Kudos to Mobeen Azhar from the BBC for the work you put into this.  

Preview here:



Brent Fischer, Grammy winning composer and Prince collaborator
Sonny Thompson, childhood friend and bass guitarist with the New Power Generation
Susan Rogers, Prince’s studio engineer from 1985-1989
Matt (Dr) Fink, keyboard player
Catherine (Cat) Glover, part of Prince’s Sign O The Times and Lovesexy bands
Eric Leeds, saxophonist
Michael Bland, drummer with the New Power Generation
Alan Leeds, tour manager and head of Paisley Park Records from 1986-1992
Hans Martin Buff, Prince’s former sound engineer

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