[REPOST] Yannick Claire’s Got His Gospel Education @YannickClaire @Osmojam

Yannick Claire's Got His Gospel Education

Yannick Claire’s Got His Gospel Education

A continuation of our re-posts from Osmojam’s brilliant FrenchSoulIsNotDead.Comwe present another work about the artist Yannick Claire.

The stage is his playground. Whether before two thousands people in a big concert hall or sparse audience in a little lounge bar, Yannick Claire puts all his heart into his performance. At only thirty years old, this Parisian singer already has fifteen years of experience as a background singer and as solo artist. In private parties, weddings or performances in concert halls, he’s one of the artists, who actively contribute to keep soul and R&B alive in France. Yannick has also been a part of numerous gospel choirs since his beginning including Gospel Messenger TempleGospellissimo, and Gospel Life & Harmony to name a few. He  has learned through these experiences to always try his best to bring comfort, love and happiness to his fans.

Yannick Claire’s Got His Gospel Education

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