[REPOST] Tef Poe of St Louis Reports on #Ferguson @TefPoe @NoiseyMusic

Tef Poe of St Louis discusses FergusonThis post originally appeared in Noisey- A Vice Music Channel.

As the tensions in Ferguson continue to mount, a rapper native to the region engaged his community to tell their perspective. Tef Poe, who hails from St. Louis, went around Ferguson to collect witness accounts. In his interviews, he counters the prevailing notion of violent, rage-filled protesters, with the image of civil, yet rightfully indignant citizens.

It’s a very powerful feeling, and I wish that I could really share it with other people because it’s really what this thing is all about, is just people being unified from all different creeds and colors and backgrounds and genders and economic backgrounds. People are just united, and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed

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Tef Poe of St Louis Reports on #Ferguson
Full story from Noisey here

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