London Grime Scene – “The Police vs Grime Music” [FULL VIDEO] @NoiseyMusic @JmeBBK

London Grime Scene - "The Police vs Grime Music"

The soul diaspora is great and wide and has seen many permutations. And just like evolution, when the music lands in a particular geographical niche, it changes to fit that new region. Bow, London is a particular case of how this music has evolved to form a beautiful culture called “grime music“.

A mixture of hip hop, jazz, garage, and dancehall, this is a music created by Black and Brown teens in inner city London. This video is an introduction to the sub-genre, but also discusses the pressure put on the artists and musicians by the police. In what seems to be a universal case, the police is the enemy of the rising teen culture, along racial lines. Presented by Noisey Music, this short film explores an important topic in modern soul music, worldwide!

London Grime Scene – “The Police vs Grime Music”

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