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Michael A Gonzales Purple Rain

This week we have been celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the release of Prince’s masterwork Purple Rain. Hailed throughout the decades for it’s innovative music, but more so, innovative means of an artist promoting his own brand, this anniversary is a significant milestone. Writing for Ebony.com, soulhead contributor Michael A. Gonzales says:

While he was a little cheesy early on, posing for teen-dream magazine centerfolds and being a smartass on American Bandstand in 1980 (where he performed his first big hits, “I Wanna Be Your Lover” and “Why You Want to Treat Me So Bad”), Prince soon began slipping into various personas. Building on the sexually charged wild boy on his third joint, Dirty Mind, and the apocalyptic visionary soul man who reared his horny head on 1999, on Purple Rain, he was content to become a sonic savior whisking us all from the boredom of our everyday existence into his own new wave-funkdafied Oz.

Gonzales continues the full form of this essay at the link below! Be sure to check it out in it’s entirety.

Michael A. Gonzales on the Occasion of Purple Rain’s 30th!

Read more at EBONY http://www.ebony.com/entertainment-culture/purple-rain-turns-30-300#ixzz362hWqCKW
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