@RZA and @DrPepper – Only One Place To Get It [FULL EP]

RZA Dr Pepper

In this day and age, we are witnessing the natural evolution of hip-hop. When the once hip-hop ingenues of the mighty Nineties are now involving into industry elder statesmen, they are answering the old questions of “what will happen to hip-hop when it grows up”? Everywhere we look, the answer seems to be that they are going from corner MC to smart businessmen. The RZA is no exception!

In a deft move with Dr. Pepper, the leader of the Wu has spearheaded a campaign in which he collaborates with other young artists to make music that, like Dr. Pepper itself, derives its unique flavor from the blends of many other solo flavors. The release of these EPs are also the world’s debut to Dr. Pepper’s state of the art music studio, launched in part with Complex. RZA’s produced mixtape is the first in a set of three that will also feature a project from The Hood Internet and David Andrew Sitek. In the meantime, get in to this dope tape, produced by RZA and featuring Rockie Fresh, RAC, Robert DeLong, and soulhead darling Tinashe.

@RZA and @DrPepper – Only One Place To Get It

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