Prince on New Girl TV Show [VIDEO]

Prince on New Girl TV Show [VIDEO] @3rdeyegirl @NewGirlonFOX?
Super Bowl Sunday is going to be a great time for sure now! Fox Broadcasting has just released clips of Prince on the TV show New Girl which is set to air on Super Sunday.

More about New Girl:
The hit ensemble comedy struck a chord with viewers last season when, after a bad break-up, Jess moved into a downtown Los Angeles loft occupied by three single guys. The trio helped Jess move on with her life, as she jumped back into the dating pool, which included a courtship with a fellow teacher, a Valentine’s Day one-night-stand and a May-December romance with the father of one of her students. Conversely, the upbeat and unique feminine touch that Jess brought into the loft had just as much impact on her new male roommates and changed their lives in ways they never imagined.

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