Earl Sweatshirt: A Leaf in the Wind [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

Earl Sweatshirt
We are hyped about Odd Future‘s Earl Sweatshirt and his pending release of “Doris” due this week.  Check this quick interview from the New Yorker…yes, that New Yorker.

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Writing about Earl Sweatshirt’s début album, Doris, out this week, Sasha Frere-Jones notes that “the ferocity is all in the words, delivered in Earl’s even, burred voice, which rarely cracks a monotone.” The same held true when we recently sat down with the nineteen-year-old m.c., who was profiled in the magazine two years ago and is one of the more popular members of the Los Angeles-based hip-hop group Odd Future. Here, Earl riffs on inspiration, solidifying one’s identity, and what he’s (not) looking forward to.


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