O’hene Savànt feat. Greg Stamper – Just Another Day [VIDEO]

O’hene Savànt feat. Greg Stamper - Just Another Day [VIDEO]

We didn’t really know what to expect when we received this new music at soulhead HQ from O’hene Savànt (Pronounced “Oh-Hen-Knee Sah-vahnt”. However, after getting over the initially awkward mix of rapping and classical piano, we were drawn into the story and melodies, which are very strong. Take a short moment, check this out and let us know what you think.

More about O’hene:

Written, produced, and engineered by O’hene Savànt himself, this self-titled album is the first installment of O’hene’s introduction of the culture known as “HipBop,” or the Urban Classical Movement. Taking musical syncretism far beyond what most think of as jazz/hip-hop fusion, O’hene does not merely sample and loop the legends of the past, nor is he satisfied with only inviting instrumentalists to recreate a traditional hip-hop beat. Instead, Savànt lyrically dances with the music, using his voice in accord with the instrumentation – drawing on both his songwriting and music arrangement skills. Remaining true to the traditions of American classical music (jazz) and American urban contemporary music (hip-hop), this is what O’hene describes as, “ghetto fine arts”. Always striving to be forward looking, he is the evolvement.

In addition to his mentor Mtume, O’hene has shared his music with and received praise from music legends Jimmy Heath (who recounted his time with O’hene is his autobiography “I’ve Walked with Giants”), Jeff Majors (who collaborated with O’hene for the single “Trying Times”), and Big Daddy Kane (who plans to collaborate with O’hene for a future project) as well as contemporaries Meshell Ndegeocello, Mary Mary, DJ Premier and Robert Glasper.

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