Donna Summer Behind the Music VH1 Documentary [FULL EPISODE]

Donna Summer

Those who know KNOW that Disco Does Not Suck!  While remembering the loss of Michael Jackson yesterday, we started to think about the late great Donna Summer, who died last year.  Check out this amazing documentary from VH1.


Donna Summer was disco’s first lady of love. With her sultry voice, sexy image and passionate songs, Donna provided the quintessential soundtrack to the decade of decadence. But when “the last dance” ended, Donna faced her darkest demons. She retreated from sight to reinvent herself as an artist, wife and mother. “Donna Summer: Behind The Music” takes a close look at the many sides of the resilient singer, from disco queen to domestic bliss, from mogul’s creation to musical icon. “Donna Summer: Behind The Music” includes interviews with Donna; Bruce Sudano, husband and co-writer; Joyce Bogart, former manager and widow of Neil Bogart, record executive; Mary Ellen Bernard, her sister; Andrew Gaines, her father and Giorgio Moroder, her producer/collaborator

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