Gwen Bunn – The Verdict Album FULL STREAM

Artist: Gwen Bunn
Title: The Verdict
Hood: Decatur, Georgia USA
Genre(s): Soul, Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic, Jazz
Label: Independent
Released: December 25, 2009
Social: Facebook Twitter

Despite missing out on this artist who has an amazing voice and sound, we are pleased we finally found it. Backed a very mellow and atmospheric soundbed, this collection of sexy tunes by Gwen Bunn really made the morning a lot better. From the credits, it looks like she is a 1 woman band. Awesome! Give it some time and enjoy your day. Kudos

From Gwenn Bunn from Bandcamp:

As you go through life you have to ask yourself who you are & what your purpose is? So I asked myself those questions. And I answered through song. So the verdict was …”The Verdict”

1. Meet Your Maker
2. Turn the Lights Out
3. Replaced You
4. Right Now
5. Let Me
6. A Baby
7. Gwen Buss feat. Fabre – Here I Go
8. Hold That Thought



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