Q&A with Jasmine Sanders, Co-Host of The Skip Murphy Show in the Afternoon

We were very happy for our colleague and friend, Jasmine Sanders, who recently began as the co-host on the nationally syndicated “The Skip Murphy Show in the Afternoon” radio program.   The show, which replaced the long running Michael Baisden show in the evening drive segment, promises to entertain and inform listeners across 50 markets and will feature “celebrity guests and will play Urban and R&B hits from 80s, 90s and today.”  Skip Murphy is a radio vet who has been heard across the country for more than 30 years.  He will be joined by the multifaceted Jasmine Sanders, who has made quite a name for herself both behind the mic and in front of the camera.

Enjoy our chat below:

soulhead:  Jasmine, you have had the opportunity to work in various time slots, markets and radio formats.  When we discovered you, you were doing middays at WBLS in New York with a definite Urban AC feel.  That said, what is your favorite format?

Jasmine:  Although I have worked several formats, I absolutely love Urban AC! When done right, there is no better format of music.

soulhead:  How will the new show be different than your previous shows?  Do you see talking about relationships and dating?  What will the music be like?

Jasmine:  The difference between “The Skip Murphy in the Afternoon Show w/Jasmine” is I have more freedom to explore all kinds of topics and speak with people all over the country. We will definitely talk about love (isn’t that the focus of most lol). The topics will range from dating and relationships to some social and political issues — all tackled in a lighter tone. This is important because we are bombarded with negativity from all angles each day. This sometimes causes us to forget to love life and laugh more.  Don’t get me wrong, there are important issues out there that need to be addressed and we will do just that, however, we won’t beat you over the head with it.  As for the music, it will provide the perfect soundtrack to this philosophy by being bright, upbeat and motivating in hopes of reminding you of why you love the Urban AC format in the first place.

Listen to The Skip Murphy in the Afternoon with Jasmine Sanders

soulhead:  Skip Murphy is a radio vet and a well respected legend in this business.  How did you all connect?  How did the show come about?
Jasmine: Skip is an amazing talent and has worked all over the country. I knew about him and his reputation for being the best in the business so I’m honored to be working at his side.  We were actually brought together by the execs at Reach Media. They felt our personalities would make for a perfect combination. 

soulhead:  With consolidation, PPM, syndication and other issues impacting Black radio sometimes disproportionately, what do you think are the 3 key factors that radio operators and personalities should be considering in this changing landscape?

  1. Maintain great relationships
  2. Diversify your talents
  3. Learn to masterfully adapt 
soulhead:  Having grown up listening to Urban radio, we realize how difficult it can be for women of color in this business.  Given your career thus far, what advice would you give other women of color interesting in a career in media, specifically radio.
Jasmine:  I would first say, stick to your gut and your goal. If you feel you were meant to do something, do it! Don’t rely on someone else to co-sign on your dreams. Get out there and get them! Secondly, don’t sell your career down the drain for temporary joy. In other words, it might look good but count the costs before climbing aboard that train.  The ride might be good, but it might be your last.  You have to maintain a stellar reputation. If not, I promise you, it will come back to haunt you in the short and long run. It’s simply not worth it. This business is far less forgiving of women than men. That’s just the truth.
soulhead:  We have recently seen you doing several on-air projects including some with Centric.  Do you anticipate more of that?

Jasmine:  Yes, you will! We were actually green lit for another season of Culture List on Centric and I couldn’t be more delighted.  I love being in front of the camera just as much as I love being behind the mic.  Season 2 of Culture List will begin airing in June.

soulhead:  As a radio personality, you come into contact with a lot of artists and I’m sure have developed personal relationships with a few of them.  How often are you in a situation where you like the person and maybe like some of their past work but are not feeling their new material?

Jasmine:  That has happened on a few occasions lol. I don’t necessarily bite my tongue about my feelings on the material but the depth of my relationship with the artist determines how I approach them about it.  In the end, I try to remain honest about my opinion without being disrespectful.
soulhead:  Do you get involved in what gets played on your new show?
Jasmine:  Yes, we are involved in every aspect of the show.  I think that’s very important since it’s our name and image that the listeners see.
soulhead:  Will the new show be syndicated or just be available terrestrially in Baltimore and online via the station?

Jasmine:  Yes, we are currently syndicated in about 50 markets and growing.  We are also streamed on-line on the stations’ website in each respected market.    

soulhead:  We know you are into physical fitness and obviously, music, but what else do you like to do in your spare time?

Jasmine:  I’m an outdoorsy type of girl. I love being outside all the time.  If I had my way, I would spend everyday on a beach lol.  I also enjoy sports, cooking and any activity that makes me laugh.


Listen to The Skip Murphy in the Afternoon with Jasmine Sanders

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