Jamie Lidell – Jamie Lidell Album Review by Victoria Asbury

Jamie Lidell by Jamie LidellTitle:  Jamie Lidell
Artist: Jamie Lidell
Label: Warp Records
Genre(s): R&B, Soul, Pop, Electronic
Released: February 19, 2013

Last month, Jamie Lidell released a self-titled album that seemed to be an ode to the 80s. Lighthearted, electro-funk best describes the sound of this album.

Jamie Lidell starts off with “Selfish”; Prince’s influence was all over this track as well as others such as “You Know My Name.” Throughout the album overly produced tracks are present with a few hidden gems. One of the best songs on Lidell’s album is “So Cold.” “So Cold” may remind one of Andre 3000’s Love Below; it’s a funk, urban, track with Prince sounds and themes. Another well-balanced track is “Don’t Love Me.” “Don’t Love Me” is the most calm track; there’s less electronic, more soul and more vocal presence.

In all, Jamie Lidell is a decent album. It’s worth listening to once. Because it’s overly produced, listeners probably won’t listen to this album on repeat too often.

Rating: B

Favorite Tracks:

Track 7: Blaming Something

Track 9: So Cold

Track 10: Don’t Love Me

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