Carita La Niña – A Mix Called Lowdi No. 2 FULL STREAM

Title:  A Mix Called Lowdi No. 2
DJ:  Carita La Niña
Genre:  House, Dance
From:  Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are too proud to welcome a new contributor to the growing soulhead community.  Over the past 10+ years, Amsterdam based DJ Carita La Niña has been laying down some serious sexy grooves and making noise throughout the EU.  We first met her while touring with singer Alison Crockett.  Then, she was a very young, but skilled DJ who had the makings to be one of the greats.  We had the pleasure of record shopping, chilling and also seeing her spin in large and small venues.  In each situation, her mastery of the room and the music were apparent. Whether keeping the floor filled or heads nodding, this sister has it all.  Brains, Beats, and Beauty. (Plus, she can mix her A-S off!) Period.  What more can you ask for?

Carita La Niña Bio:

Carita La Niña is one of the Netherlands’ most popular female DJs. With her upbeat personality, superb skills and buckets of talent, she stands her ground in the cutting -edge Dutch dance scene, thus blazing a trail for all women trying to carve out a career in this male-dominated industry. These days, Carita is performing at the biggest venues in the Netherlands, treating discerning Dutch dance audiences to a varied mix of delightful house music. She has a natural instinct for what the audience wants to hear, but does not flinch from going off on a musical tangent with her mysterious minimal deep tech house. Adding her own smashing productions to her sets, Carita now has the complete package to stir things up and have the whole club boogying the night away to her powerful house beats!Enjoy this new very soulful house mix with us.  MORE

Description from mixcloud:

To celebrate the launch of Lowdi this week, Amsterdam based DJ Carita La Niña has created an exciting dance mix for our Mixcloud channel. Carita is one of the Netherlands top DJs, playing at the biggest venues in Europe, and one artist whose act shouldn’t be missed.

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