Brian McKnight Shows the Ladies How their P___ys Work….REALLLLY?! Commentary by Ron Worthy

Brian McKnight

Brian McKnight (Photo credit: Benny Chandra)

Ok folks, we are alllll for being open about sexuality but this is a bit much, don’t you think?  In this song, R&B soul singer, Brian McKnight talks about teaching a women how to use her female anatomy more effectively assuming, of course, that her past lovers couldn’t satisfy her as well as Bri could. Ok ok, we get the typical male braggadocio here, but are a bit disappointed in what appears to be a songwriter copping out.   In addition, he mentions that she may not have known about one bodily function in particular….squirting!  Wow… Really bruh?    No disrespect intended Brian, but you can do better.  Having begun your career with gospel sensation Take 6 20+ years ago, this brother has written some blockbuster love songs and to me, this tarnishes his image.  It’s just unnecessary.

Don’t get me wrong, very suggestive lyrics are nothing new but I really appreciate some of the classic love songs that talked about the act, but didn’t  necessarily stoop to the level of outright vulgarity.  Songs like Major Harris‘ “Love Won’t Let Me Wait” or Teddy Pendergrass’ “Close the Door” clearly spelled out the singer’s intentions in a very adult manner.  Even more risqué songwriters like Prince pushed the limits in songs like “Do Me Baby” but somehow it felt more artistic, especially lyrically.  These artists told tales of seduction that made you think and in some cases, gave you instructions.

Fast forward to the 90’s style of more over the top, less nuanced lyrics and you have no-brainer classics like Silk’s “Freak Me” or R. Kelly‘s “Bump & Grind”.  Sure, we…um…”danced” to these songs too, but it was not without wanting some of “that old thang back.”  Even songs like 112’s ‘Candy Rain’ could have been misconstrued into something pretty XXX-rated but it wasn’t right in your face (no pun intended LOL!).  Songs used to inspire passion and emotional connection.   Nowadays, all we are left with many times are crudely (and lazily) written songs that lack the depth that we deserve and need.

Brian did mention in the video below that he had been talking to some friends and really wanted to do something for adults, an adult mixtape.  Well, I am an adult, and quite frankly, I’m not too excited to hear a mixtape which features a song about women squirting.   That said, the accompanying track did have some potential and showcases some strong melodies, which is great.  We are hoping that someone close to him taps him on the shoulder and makes this turn out the right way.

So for this, I have to say BOOOOOO! THUMBS DOWN!  Go back to the drawing board.

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