British Soul Singer Julie Dexter Interview with Ron Worthy

We were too happy to be able to chat with extremely talented soul singer Julie Dexter. We have been fans of her vocal range, textures and songs over the past 10+ years.  This British soul singer has been on the grind for years and we are hopeful that her time has come and more of the World can luxuriate in her lush sound. For those of you who are not as familiar with her, her site provide the following excellent overview:

Who is Julie Dexter?
Name: Julie Dexter
Birthplace: Birmingham
Birthday: September 2nd
College: Middlesex University, London
Major: Music
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Book: Divided Soul
Favorite Movie: Mahogany
Favorite TV show: Mad Men
Favorite Food: My Mom’s cooking & Sushi
Favorite Things To Do: Homeschooling
Favorite Place To Go: Jamaica
Favorite Quote: “I can do all things through Christ”

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Interview with soulhead founder Ron Worthy:

1) Tell us what you have been up to musically?
I recently released my 6th album New Again produced by Steve Miggedy Maestro and have been touring and promoting it for the past year. I just shot and released my very first music video (for the title track of my latest album New Again); and I’m about to release a Maxi single, which has nine (9) tracks on it and includes six (6) remixes.

2) How have you changed since you first entered the music business?
I’ve definetly grown as a performer and as a business woman, I think i’m stronger and more confident but still learning everyday.

3) How have the changes in the business impacted you? The business is constantly changing so you have to keep up or you will get left behind. You’ve got to get your social networking on, facebook, twitter, a website etc. The business is actually better for Independant Artists. There are more outlets for them to make money i.e itunes, cdbaby. There are more ways to find your market and target them. There are more ways to expose your music to the world and you can do all these things without being signed.

How about your music? I think my music changed on my last couple projects because of the producers i chose to work with as opposed to the impact of the music business. Essentially i’m still into the same things, jazz, soul, reggae but i also like to try what i call new ‘soundscapes’ so have chosen to work with different producers. It’s for financial reasons why i havent done an album like my first two which were with musicians going into the studio and laying down their parts. I plan on doing that again in the future but in recent years it has been more cost effective to work with producers and ‘tracks’.
focus? I’m more focused than ever but i think that’s because i’ve become a Mother and a wife. My children are my incentive and my inspiration. Regardless of what changes happen in the induatry I’m still going to be on my grind, making a living out of what i enjoy most and thats making music.

4) What advice would you give a new singer who has the gift but wants to know what to do next?
I would tell them to keep on honing their craft, listen to as many different styles of music as possible, try to connect with as many different musicians as possible. Work on writing your own songs and collaborating with others.Try to learn the keyboard or the guitar even if it’s just to use as a writing tool or to accompany yourself. When you learn the rudiments of music you are then in a position to not only perform but write your own material which is where the real money lies.

5) If you could make your dream backing band, including background vocalist, producers, etc. from any era, who would be on your team?
Drums – Harvey Mason
Keys – Herbie Hancock
Bass – Paul Jackson Jr
Guitar – Phil Upchurch
Producer – Quincy Jones
Background vocalists – Luther Vandross’s background vocalists – Lisa Fischer, Paulette McWilliams, etc.

6) If record company rule 4080 is that record company people are shady, what would record company Rule 4081 be?
record company people are dated

Check out Julie’s first music video for “New Again” below and please be sure to support and follow her and her music.


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