Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson Dated? (and maybe Jermaine too. shhhhh) Who Knew?

According to this video, king of pop, Michael Jackson, and recently departed Whitney Houston were involved at least for a short time. In the interview with Whitney Houston, which looks to have been shot after the Michael’s death, she describes an elaborate date at Michael’s Neverland Ranch in Los Olivos, California where he “pulled out all of the stops”. She explained how Michael flew here in with a helicopter and had her lead to the house in a coach and buggy! She even recalled a rather entertaining run in with Bubbles, Michael’s pet chimp.

“He was a gentleman. Always kind. And I Will Always Love Him” – Whitney Houston (about Michael Jackson)

Also appearing in the video are two unnamed men, both of whom confirm that Michael was not gay, as some in the media have rumored. In fact, as they describe, Michael had relationship with several mainstream stars. In a few montages, Michael is seen with Brooke Shields and Madonna among others. Could they have been real love interests and not just arm candy for award shows and public appearances? Perhaps. We will never know.

Whatever their connection was, Whitney ends the interview by saying “I really wanted to marry Michael.”

Wow! Michael was ’bout it!

In related news, it has come to our attention that Whitney was also rumored to have been involved with Michael’s older brother, Jermaine Jackson, who, the article claims was unwilling to leave his wife for Whitney. I mean, they did do this duet and it was rumored that Whitney chose a Jermaine lookalike in her “Saving All My Love for You” Video. Read more here.

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