“The MC: Why We Do It” FULL Documentary

“The MC: Why We Do It” explores the art of the MC from the unique point of view of todays top rap artists.

Director: Peter Spirer
Writers: Iain Kennedy, Peter Spirer
Stars: KRS-One, 50 Cent and Common

The MC started out as a mere introducer of musical acts, but when DJs began spinning tracks at block parties in the Bronx in the late 1970s, the MC began to rap along to the beats, emerging as the focal point of a new music form. The film not only explores the origins of MC’ing, but the environmental, spiritual and moral aspects to this art form. As Hip Hop turns 25 years old, MC’s consider the past, present and future of their music, giving a unique insight into what drives these artists to continue spitting rhymes.

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