Miki Howard UNSUNG Full Episode TV One Documentary


One of the great hit-makers of the 1980s and ‘90s, Miki Howard is a torch singer extraordinaire with a jazzy touch. Born and raised in a musical family – both parents were celebrated gospel singers– she burst onto the R&B scene with ‘Come Share My Love’ in 1986, a hit that climbed to number five on the charts. Miki went on to score a half dozen Top Five hits, including ‘Ain¹t Nuthin’ in the World’, ‘Love Under New Management,’ and ‘Ain’t Nobody Like You’, while recording old school standards as well. A romantic duet with Gerald Levert, titled ‘That’s What Love Is’ led to an intimate relationship that mirrored that song’s dizzying passions. Miki’s jazzy chops and smoldering good looks also won her a coveted role as Billie Holiday in Spike Lee’s film ‘Malcolm X’, after which she recorded a tribute album to Lady Day. (Another album of jazz standards, ‘Three Wishes’ was nominated for a Grammy in 2001). But after that her career plummeted, as Miki¹s personal life mirrored the emotional dramas of her songs– hot romances and bad relationships, and subsequent struggles to make ends meet as a single mom with three kids. Now she’s back on the scene, with a voice as strong as ever, and singing with a style that reflects her hard – won experience. “Unsung” celebrates the artistry, the trials and the triumphs of an effervescent diva with a golden touch.

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