Prince Rogers Nelson “The Glory Years” FULL Documentary

Check out this great documentary on Prince Rogers Nelson, one of this generation’s most incredible artists and one of the greatest of all time.   This includes interviews with Pepe’ Willie, Owen Husney, Gayle Chapman, Dez Dickerson and more!  For true Princeheads, this is a must see.  Some of these folks haven’t been featured in documentaries before.  This is great stuff.

A review from an user:

I thought that this particular documentary was excellent. I’ve been an avid fan of Prince since I was young, and there are very few films documenting his life or his music to an acceptable standard, so it is always a nice suprise to find one. In the film there are several recognisable music experts who assess some of Prince’s finest performances; there is some incredible performance footage on here too, including a lot of clips i’ve never seen before – and I thought i’d seen it all!
Putting the brilliant musical and analytical aspect of the dvd aside, the rest of it is pure gold as well. One of the things I liked most was that the interviews were not entirely with music professionals and experts who have studied Prince’s music and career from afar (like most), but a number of them are with people who are known to be/have been very close to Prince. So on top of everything else you get a great insight into the personal life of someone who is notoriously secretive and something of an enigma.

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