WATCH Heavy D. & The Boyz Full Unsung Episode

Heavy D. & The Boyz

We recently re-watched the amazing Unsung episode featuring one of the truly underrated hip hop groups of all time, Heavy D. & The Boyz.  Back in the late 80’s. Hev and his Mount Vernon, NY homies really made waves in Hip-Hop, R&B and later, Pop Music.  One of the early groups to benefit from the legendary super producer, Teddy Riley, they were on top until the early-mid 90s.  Unfortunately, with the untimely death of dancer, Troy Dixon, AKA Trouble T-Roy, the group began to unravel.   Although Heavy D. would continue for a few more successful albums with The Boyz and several solo efforts, Dwight Errington Myers (his government name) died unexpectedly on November 8, 2011.

Enjoy this amazing documentary from TVOne:

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