“When Doves Get Real Sad”: A Short Film by Troy Gua @TroyGua @prince_and_mj

A few years back, we ran a story and interview with Troy Gua, an extremely talented artist from Seattle, Washington.  We were amazed by his miniature doll, appropriately named Le Petit Prince.  At the time, Troy was basking in the internet glory that comes when you do something that just feels right. His LPP was embraced by ardent Prince fans like us, as well as new fans who could not resist falling in love with LPP due to his uncanny resemblance to the Purple One.

Then came the subsequent C&D letters from Prince‘s camp and soon we had to (formally) say goodbye to LPP.  Since then, we have seen the little one pop up in appearances like those with Prince and MJ Experience leader, David Paul, and the random posts on Facebook.  But for the most part, LPP has been on the DL.

That is, until now!  We are pleased to bring you this awesome short film featuring LPP (along with Troy).  Featuring music by Francisco Del, this piece won’t disappoint. For those of you who were not on the original ride with the rest of us, this short takes you through the journey and sheds some light on the mystical little figure we have all grown to love.


BTW, Dave Paul will be in Seattle this weekend so you may actually catch a glimpse of LPP if you can make it.  BUY TICKETS

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