Snoop Dogg Unveils Pharrell-Produced Track “Awake” [FULL STREAM] @SnoopDogg @Pharrell @I_AM_OTHER


Last week, Snoop Dogg debuted his first new song in a while, “Peaches n Cream,” a groovy number produced by Pharrell Williams featured Uncle Charlie Wilson. And now Snnop has dropped yet another song, “Awake,” which also boasts Pharrell on the track. While not quite as funky as “Peaches,” it’s still signature Uncle Snoop. If these early teaser songs are any indication of what’s to come, Snoop is departing from heavy rhymes and reggae jams, in exchange for taking on a more post-modern fusion of funk, pop, and hip-hop on his forthcoming album, Bush.

Stream “Awake” below and enjoy!

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