Rhythm Nation 1814 Turns 25! Rhythm Nation ft. Janet Jackson [FULL MOVIE]

Rhythm Nation 1814 Turns 25! Rhytm Nation ft Janet Jackson Turns 25! Rhythm Nation ft. Janet Jackson

Today, September 19th, marks the 25th anniversary since Janet Jackson’s seminal Rhythm Nation 1814. Unmistakable in that domineering black-on-black ensemble, and incredibly precise in her motions, this album was not just about the music but the dance it inspired in all of us. While this was the 4th album of Jackson’s career, followed her breakout album Control, Rhythm Nation gave Jackson her iconic style as well as thrust her into a position of respect for her consciousness. Produced by one of soul music‘s most respected duo, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, this album was smart in it’s musical selections and choices. The tour that accompanied that album is still on record as being one of the best selling concert tours of all time. And, in true Jackson style, the album had to have an inventive video to go with it. In Janet’s case, it was a full short film. Tonight, we present that very film and sing a happy 25th birthday to a true soul classic!

Rhythm Nation 1814 Turns 25! Rhythm Nation ft. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 – The Movie from JANET.br on Vimeo.

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