Where Caribbean Meets Soul…Meet Memee Nelzy [FULL VIDEO] @Meemee_Nelzy @Osmojam

Meemee Nelzy

We at soulhead.com have been love with the French soul scene in large part due to Osmojam. We are grateful to her for expanding our horizon to include other French soul artists. Of this niche group is Meemee Nelzy. She is the definition of a self-made artist. Her tireless work since 2009 of self-producing and promoting her own album has garnered her acclaim and respect.

Of her hit songs include “Sé Isidan” (It’s Here). Here is a reggae infused version of that song. Check it out and be sure to groove. Find out more about her at FrenchSoulIsNotDead or from her Bandcamp site! 

Where Caribbean Meets Soul…Meet Memee Nelzy

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