Kanye West – The New Testament [FULL VIDEO]

Kanye West - The New Testament [FULL VIDEO]

Yep, Kanye is at it again……Being creative.  This time, he (we mean his people) gather a number of popular Kanye West quotes and rant segments and combine it with a nice blend of historic imagery and video.  True Kanye West fans will enjoy. Others maybe not so much.  We dig that Kanye is actually doing something new unlike many so-called artists that rely on the same tactics.   Well done.  Enjoy.

More from Radio:

Two weeks ago, a mysterious Twitter account surfaced promising “Kanye West‘s New Testament,” the contents of which were unknown at the time. Was it a new song? New album? Something else? No one was sure.

Later, the account set “New Testament” for a June 10 release date, accompanying its tweet with a poster, like one might do when advertising an upcoming film or live performance. As it turns out, the movie poster feel wasn’t a fluke, because Kanye West’s New Testament is a just that: a movie. Kind of. 

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