Let soulhead School Ya : Doo Wop Life Could be a Dream [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

Life Could be a Dream

We here at soulhead believe in the power of not just loving music, but knowing it and knowing it well! As such, in our “Let soulhead School Ya” series, we want to bring you sharp, insightful films and essays on the essentials of soul. This week, we are waking through doo-wop!

After The Unsung Episode of the Manhattans, we thought that all our fellow soulheads could dig some more on the great genre of doo-wop. This highly stylized, well harmonized form of R&B defined an era of the genre. Dig more of it with this documentary “Life Could be a Dream”

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Doo-Wop is a unique form of harmony singing which ultimately swept the world and transformed the face of popular music. It’s a simple style of harmony singing, born of the urban streets, but in its inherent simplicity is a powerful attraction and a fascinating tale of passionate young love, heartache, triumph, and some of the sweetest lyrics and sounds ever recorded. It’s a story that has never been told. This is that story. Featuring: Lewis Lymon and Jimmy Merchant (The Teenagers), Earl “Speedo” Carroll (The Cadillacs), Arlene Smith (The Chantels), Pookie Hudson (The Spaniels), Reather Dixon and Emma Pought (The Bobbettes), Dave Somerville (The Diamonds), Things To Come, Cyndy & The Cliftonaires, Ronnie Italiano (UGHA), Bobby Jay (WCBS), Don K. Reed (WCBS).”

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