Flatbush Zombies – BetterOffDEAD Mixtape FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

Flatbush Zombies

Artist: Flatbush Zombies
Title: BetterOFFDEAD
Released: September 11, 2013
Genre: Hip-Hop
From: Brooklyn, NY
Social: Twitter Facebook

These cats may be a little strange, but they have been making quite a noise in the Big Apple and beyond. Having teamed up with a number of solid collaborators like A$AP Rocky, these guys are definitely on a roll and making waves. We are not so sure about some of the content, but we respect the hustle so will peep it with you all. Enjoy!

1. Amerikkkan Pie
2. Nephilim
3. Bliss
4. Minephuck
5. G Tearz
6. Death
7. Death 2
8. Regular and Complex (GNB)
9. Thugnificense
10. Club Soda feat. Action Bronson
11. LiveFromHell
12. Palm Trees
13. 222
14. Drug Parade feat. Danny Brown
15. TP4 (Prod. By Obey City)
16. GOD Blessed the DEAD
17. MRAZ
18. My Team, SUPREME
19. The Results Are In


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