Daft Punk – Memories in Time Mixtape FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

Artist: Daft Punk
Title: Memories in Time Mixtape
Hood: Paris, France
Genre(s): Electronica, Soul, Disco, EDM
Label: Daft Life, Columbia
Released: May 31, 2013
Social: Facebook Twitter

From CSNWheaties:

Those that have been on the wed today might have heard of seen that Daft Punk’s new album ‘Random Access Memories’ just did serious numbers worldwide. With that said, this mixtape was supposed to serve as a precursor to the album but things didn’t end up getting executed like it should have been. Either way this tape is for the fans, old, new and the ones that might have missed a couple of steps from over the years. The project features samples, a bunch of remixes, original records, classics as well as some exclusives from the duo themselves. Appearances from Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Edwin Birdsong, Slum Villiage, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Pharrell Williams, George Duke and many more.

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