R.I.P Don Blackman (September 1, 1953 – April 11, 2013) + Soul Guru Tribute Podcast FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

Last week, we lost a titan in Black music, Don Blackman.  Although he was truly Unsung and only gained limited commercial success, Blackman’s sound left and indelible mark on his peers and future generations.  He will truly be missed.

We found a great podcast that we know you will enjoy.  It features some of Don Blackman’s most important compositions and will have your head nodding all day. Enjoy!


  1. Hearts Desire – Don Blackman (1982 Don Blackman)
  2. I Love You – Weldon Irvine (1976 Sinbad)
  3. Holding You, Loving You – Don Blackman (1982 Don Blackman)
  4. Haboglabotribin’ – Bernard Wright (1980 ‘Nard)
  5. Never Miss a Thing – Don Blackman (1982 Don Blackman)
  6. Peanut Butter – Twennynine Feat. Lenny White (1979 Best of Friends)
  7. Since You Been Away So Long – Don Blackman (1982 Don Blackman)
  8. So I Say To You – Sylvia St. James (1980 Magic)
  9. Morning Sunrise – Twennynine Feat. Lenny White (1979 Best of Friends)
  10. Let Love Groove Me – Sylvia St. James (1980 Magic)
  11. Spend The Night With Me – Charles Earland (1980 Coming To You Live)
  12. Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide – Don Blackman (1982 Don Blackman)
  13. Glad That You Were Mine (feat Don Blackman)- Esperanto (1995 Esperanto)
  14. Coming To You – Coming To Me – Don Blackman (1999 Listen)
  15. Ghetto Lament – Sylvia St. James (1980 Magic)
  16. Holding You, Loving You – Zo! (2009 …just visiting too)
  17. I Love You (feat. Lonnie Liston Smith & Patrice Covington & Monet) – Jarrard Anthony (2012 Ready To Live)
  18. Heart’s Desire – Sunlightsquare (2012 Soul Togetherness)

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