How Music Works with Howard Goodall: Melody [Episode 1] FULL

Title: How Music Works with Howard Goodall – Episode 01: Melody
Producer: Channel 4, David Jeffcock, Howard Goodall (presenter)
Description: Why does melody affect us so deeply, from the moment we are born? Tunes touch our deepest emotions, and are capable of inspiring love, sorrow, faith, and hope. But how does a melody actually work?  In this film, composer Howard Goodall looks at melody’s basic elements. Why are some melodic shapes common to all cultures across the world? Can successful melodies be written at random? If not, what are the familiar melodic patterns composers of all types of music have fallen back on again and again, and why do they work?

Staff Notes:
By now, you all must know that our staff is DEEP into the music. So, in addition to hearing the finished product, we often like to look further to broaden our knowledge. In this case, we discovered a wonderful series called How Music Works. From 2006, this multi-episode series explores various aspect of music including Rhythm, Harmony, Bass and Melody. Over the next few weeks, we will be presenting this incredibly edutaining project in its entirety. Enjoy.

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