Prince releases New Single, Prince/3rd Eye Girl – LOL (Live Out Loud) through a Fan, Jester YX (FULL STREAM + FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD)

Artist: 3rd Eye Girl
Title: Live Out Loud
Label: NPG Records
Genre: Alt Rock, Pop, Soul
Released: March 7, 2013

Basking in the afterglow of the Carnegie Hall tribute show, we are digging this new song by what we think are Prince proteges, 3rd Eye Girl.  Released amazingly enough by a fan, Jester (see interview below), the track is a mid temp0 female vocals driven tune that rocks in a funky minimalist way. With a very positive message which urges everyone to live life to the fullest, we couldn’t help but smile while listening.

Let’s hope these talented ladies will do better than some of Prince‘s discarded acts.  For every Sheila E., there are 2 singers who thought they had a shot at greatness (e.g. Martika, Jill Jones).  We are encouraged after hearing this new track, which was written by Prince and more than likely includes some background vocals and maybe instrumentation as well.  This is very solid and follows up Prince’s recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel of his new rock-tinged track, Screwdriver.


To download, click here and enter this code: LyuQTylR2QQ


Discussion with Prince fan of the moment, Dr. Funkenberry about 3rd Eye Girl.

Live Out Loud Interviews:

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