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Petty Short But Sweet

Artist: Petty
Title: Short But Sweet
Released: February 26, 2013
Hood: Nashville, Tennessee USA
Label: Gummy Soul
You Will Like this If You Like: Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, Ludacris
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Last year, we brought you two releases by Amerigo Gazaway, Freak the Funk and Bizarre Quest, A Ride to the Pharcyde, two soulful releases from label Gummy Soul. Since then, these cats have teamed up with rapper Petty and combined his lyrical prowess with Brooklyn, NY’s own Stuyvesants.  As you may recall, The Stuyvesants released a few critically acclaimed instrumental hip hop albums infused with rare soul groove samples.  We absolutely love their sound and passion for the groove and this collaboration will certainly add to their profile.

Honestly, we really dug this record.  It has  classic boom bap feel musically and knocks throughout on that front.  Vocally, we really like Petty’s flow, lyrics and presence on the tracks.  At times, he sounds like Andre’ 3000‘s harder cousin and at other times, he just lounges back in the groove like a Southern Kendrick Lamar or a mellower Meek Mill.  Aside from these obvious influences, this record sounds refreshingly positive, lush, soulful and deserves your time for sure.

More from Gummy Soul Records:

Using beats by Brooklyn’s The Stuyvesants, Short But Sweet is a soulful introduction to the world, from one of Nashville’s most prolific hip-hop artists.

 Petty has become a staple in the Nashville hip-hop community, dropping 5 projects in 2012, each showcasing a wide range of styles, feeling equally at home on both club tracks and classic Boom Bap. With Short But Sweet, Petty turns it down a notch, becoming more introspective, while still retaining the bad boy charm of his previous records. The result is a consistent and wonderfully listenable album,where each song builds upon the next, while he grows as the record progresses.

Rating:  A

Favorite Tracks:  Realer with Design, Wake Yo Bitch Ass Up, Wish I Had a Cadillac, Short But Cool, Blow Sum, Drinking With the Old Heads, Other Side of the Game

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