Listen to Last Night In Paris – Rose EP REVIEW + MP3 DOWNLOAD

LNIPLNIP FrontArtist: Last Night In Paris
Title: Rose EP
Hood: London, UK
Released: February 15, 2013
Genre(s): Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronica, Pop Soul
You Will Like This if You Like: Drake, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Rihanna
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Eerily reminiscent of some of the more recent emo Hip Hop coming out of Toronto via Drake and his homey The Weeknd, the UK collective, Last Night in Paris, is continuing the trend with an atmospheric electronic offering. There is a lot to like on this LP, especially the moodiness and raw UK texture that differentiates them from their N. American counterparts.  It is clearly an effort to leverage some elements of dance and pop to broaden the groups reach and we like it.  The production, while very electronic, is varied enough to keep our attention and the vocal performances are engaging despite sounding rather American at times.  We think you will enjoy this one.

Rating:  B+

Favorite Tracks:  So Very, Entertained, Breathe, Slowly, Before You

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