Astro – Deadbeats and Lazy Lyrics Mixtape ALBUM REVIEW + MP3 DOWNLOAD

Astro_Deadbeats_Lazy_Lyrics-front-largeArtist: Astro
Title: Deadbeats and Lazy Lyrics Mixtape
Released: February 18, 2013
Producer: DJ Tech
Genre: Hip Hop

We are so happy to hear a young rapper who is not spitting the same old same old. This cat emerged onto the scene a while back with his internet sensation, Stop Looking at My Mom. Since then, The Astronomical Kid from Brooklyn AKA Astro has grown up a bit and has the lower voice to prove it. Lyrically, this album is fun, positive and funky. The beats are seriously reminiscent of the Golden Era of hip hop (Deadbeats?), which made our staff nod all morning.  He offers old school storytelling in a very modern way.  

The only knock on this album is the lack of a current day radio cut (which could be great).  While there are several tracks we dug, we would be concerned that the current radio waves may be too grimy for something this fun and positive.  That said, we love this kid and want him to succeed for more reasons that the music alone.

1.Stro is the Name
2.Dead Beat
4.He Fell Off
6.Return of the Soul
7.Don’t Be Afraid
8.Catchin Wreck
9.Cordoroy Couch
12.The Bomb

Favorite Tracks:  Cheese, He Fell Off, Return of the Soul, Catchin Wreck, Cordoroy Couch, The Bomb
Rating:  A-
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