Phony Ppl – Phoneyland REVIEW + FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

Phony PPLArtist: Phony Ppl
Title: Phoneyland
Genre(s): Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B
Hood: Brooklyn, New York USA
Released: January 17, 2012
You Will Like This if You Like: Tony! Toni! Tone!, Bilal, Pharcyde, Little Brother
Social: Twitter

Brooklyn has been a cultural hub for some time. Hip Hop, Jazz, and soul (among other) have flourished here for decades so it is no surprise that we would be hearing some of the most fresh sounding grooves coming out of the thorough borough. Last year, we were all over the Stuyvesants with their trippy soulful grooves. And now, it seems we are going to be spending 2013 chilling to another exciting group from the Stuy.

Phony Ppl‘s album Phoneyland had us from the first orchestral track, Genesis, but then when we heard the Tony! Toni! Tone! feeling vibe of 4 The First Time, we knew we had hit on something solid. Thanks to long time soulheads Shawn Peters and Myeta Moon for hipping up to this very tight group. We really enjoyed this LP, even if we were late to the party.   Positive vibes, solid lyrics and vocal performances and engaging production make this one Grade A butter and perfect to listen to while you prepare for Valentine’s evening!

Rating: A

Favorite Tracks: 4 The First Time, If I Was a Chair, If This is How Love Feels,, Morning Light, Good?, Current Events, Sometimes I Think About You, Save My Generation (note: We know there are a ton of solid tracks on this one)

Least Favorite Tracks: John Jay

Download This Free Phony Ppl LP

Peep this video for “I Wish I was a Chair”


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